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Landscaping your house, impacts the value and physical appearance of your house.  Adding nicely shaped landscape beds that include a diverse selection of shrubs, trees and annual flowers, finished with rock or mulch beds, can add as much 15% to 30%.  Hardscapes and a unique design would help contribute, more, to the higher percentage of potential value added.  Maintaining this landscape will also help add value to your house.  As plants mature, their value increases.  We provide individual landscape services in the greater metro east St Louis area.  We feel our service can be utilized more efficiently and effectively, cost wise and value, as an annual program.  We find the need to service landscaping on an every-other-week or monthly basis starting in March and ending in November.


Landscape Bed Maintenance





Additional Landscape Mainenance Services

  • Annual bush and shrub care( pest and disease)
  • Bush Trimming/ Shrub Pruning
  • Annual Weed Control Programs
  • Plantings (spring)
  • Annual Bulb Plantings (fall)
  • Deep Root Fertilizer
  • Mulch Replenishment
  • Commercial/ Industrial Vegetation Control

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