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Urban Gardening

Say "Good-bye" to irritating weeds and a lawn on steroids and "Hello" to healthy, nourished turfgrass, with Lawn Wrangler's Weed Control and Fertilization services.  Synthetic, liquid Nitrogen applications can cause spurts of rapid, excessive growth, leaving you with a lawn that needs to be mowed every five days, with no long-term benefits to the plant.  We always use a high-quality fertilizer, with balanced nutrients and slow-release Nitrogen, derived from at least, fifty percent organic sources.  Our process has been modified and perfected over the course of the last ten years by the same, certified horticulturist that initially developed the program.  Our goal has been to utilize a program that not only directly feeds the plant, but also adds to the long-term improvement of the soil.  The soil make-up is going to influence the life of the lawn, the most.  Experimenting and consulting with Illinois and Missouri University plant science instructors and professionals has always been a part of our process. Professional guidance and the time we have invested in our program have to lead to one of the best, lawn fertility programs, in our area. 

If you're tired of half-baked promises, from lawn care companies, that seem to be more interested in cheap and easy solutions, give us a call. Our fertilization and weed control services are second to none.

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