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Landscaping your house impacts the value and physical appearance of your house.  Adding nicely shaped landscape beds that include a diverse selection of shrubs, trees, and annual flowers, finished with rock or mulch beds, can add as much as 15% to 30%.  Hardscapes and a unique design would help contribute, more, to the higher percentage of potential value-added.  Maintaining this landscape will also help add value to your house.  As plants mature, their value increases.  We provide individual landscape services in the greater metro-east St Louis area.  We feel our service can be utilized more efficiently and effectively, cost-wise and value, as an annual program.  We find the need to service landscaping on an every-other-week or monthly basis starting in March and ending in November.

Additional Landscape Maintenace Service:

  •  Annual bush and shrub care( pest and disease)

  •  Bush Trimming/ Shrub Pruning

  •  Annual Weed Control Programs

  •  Plantings (spring)

  •  Annual Bulb Plantings (fall)

  •  Deep Root Fertilizer

  •  Mulch Replenishment

  •  Commercial/ Industrial Vegetation Control

To learn more about our Landscape Bed Maintenance Services, please contact us at (618) 236-8900

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