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The Power Of Top Dressing Your Lawn With Compost

I do not know if anyone has told you yet, but you probably have bad soil.  That is unless during construction, topsoil was set aside and reused and/or new organic matter was incorporated into a final grade.  Organic matter can build over time, so if your lawn is newly established your lawn is probably growing in very poor soil.  Healthy soil contributes more to the health and sustainability of your lawn than any bagged product, you can utilize.  Top Dressing your lawn with compost is the most impactful thing you can do for your soil.  Synthetic fertilizers will feed the plant, directly, and will have little or no benefit to improving the soil, leading to surges in growth or worse, quick deterioration of the plant, once a fertilizer program is removed.  Introducing organic matter into the lawn will increase the microbial activity, in the lawn, as well as providing a food source for micro-organisms in the soil.  This will supply plants will sustainable, slow-released nutrients.  Over time, you can convert your soil into a more self-sustaining, enriched topsoil regardless if your soil is clay, sand, or silt-based.


Topdressing with compost can be done throughout the year with a few exceptional months.  We will not topdress in the heat of the summer, or when the ground freezes, the first couple months of the year.  With an established lawn, the process needs to be performed multiple times per year, for consecutive years, to make a significant impact.  Without tilling compost into your existing soil, we can only apply soo much at one time, without burying your current lawn.  Topdressing, utilized at the time of aeration and overseeding, helps accelerate the incorporation of organic matter into the soil.  We are currently conducting studies, to try and eliminate all synthetic, bagged fertilizer from our lawn and still maintain a suitable amount of nutrients, for the plant to access.


In the picture at the bottom, you can see why Aeration Seeding & Compost Topdressing can be very effective when used, in combination. This will allow compost and seed to penetrate, deep into the established soil.  Incorporating compost, into the existing soil, will accelerate the process of creating topsoil.  Compost also insulates and provides moisture for newly seeded areas, drastically improving the germination rate.

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