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Is My Yard Dead?! What To Do Next...

Right about now the lawn is yellow, crispy, and maybe has some weeds in it. Most of this is ok, for now. August is one of those months where we rely on nature to take care of itself. Most of all plants and grass have gone dormant by this time. ITS OK! dormancy is the natural way plants survive harsh times. Plants have been doing this long before humans, and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

Understanding what you can do about it is a great place to start. After the hot dry summer the lawn needs to be repaired. We like to do this with a series of machines, products, new grass seed, and soil modifiers. Depending on how bad the problem is will dictate how much effort and money you will need to put forth.

Any bald or bare area will need attention, along with areas that have heavy weed penetration this season. Calling out one of our knowledgeable staff to meet and walk the lawn can be arranged, and will help the process immensely. Call us at 618-236-8900 for a free aeration evaluation.


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