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Know Your Enemy; Moles.

Moles continue their destruction! With the start of 2017, most are recovering from the holidays and trying to start the new year on the right foot, but not the moles. They continue to live their lives as if nothing has changed, unless the ground becomes rock solid, the winter has little impact on their day to day activates.

Hibernation is not something these little critters do. Moles will have 1 or 2 nesting sites deeper in the ground. They will continue to dig through the yard disturbing the soil and grass along their way. Moles will create mounds or tunnels throughout the yard, looking for food and protecting territory. They will create "feeding runs" and "main runs" in their underground network. The feeding runs might only be used once, mainly to excavate for food, and never used again. The main runs are more of a highway to get from nesting sites, to feeding areas, and to territory check points.

With many different ways to control moles from baits to traps. We here at Lawn Wranglers have found traps are by far the best method. The trap is only the tool, understanding how the mole works is 90% of the battle. Do not set traps in erratic tunnels. these are probably feeding runs and might be weeks old. Concentrate on strait runs, as these are more likely to be main runs. main runs are used all the time, not to just for feeding. Moles are very active throughout the day.

So setting a lot of traps will help, but only if they are in the right place.

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